Acquisition and Disposition

WCRG’s experience and knowledge of the real estate market help it to identify and analyze asset types of all types for its clients. Using detailed financial analysis and historical market data, WCRG is able to provide critical review and insight into the acquisition and disposition processes. Whether identifying land for a retail or multifamily developer, developing and implementing a marketing strategy for the disposition of a building or project, or acquiring a building on behalf of an investor or group, WCRG drives value throughout the process.

Tenant Representation

WCRG performs tenant representation for clients interested in securing or disposing of their space whether via lease, sublease, acquisition or disposition. Finding an ideal location to conduct one’s business can be a very daunting task. Many issues impact and influence the decision-making process; ideal proximity to one’s customer base, access to major road and public transportation networks, availability of multiple telecommunication and power providers, physical access and security of the building, zoning, parking availability, and the presence of tax incentives/enterprise zones to name a few. Individually these issues can often be adequately addressed, but as a group, turn a seemingly smooth process into a major challenge and time commitment for business owners not educated with the nuances of real estate. WCRG delivers order and simplification to the real estate process. As a firm committed to bringing and delivering best practices to our clients, we create value by fully investigating and understanding our client’s goals and critical impact issues and then designing a customized real estate strategy and timeline that minimizes our client’s exposure while maximizing and unlocking value within their real estate for both the short and long term.

Advisory and Consulting

WCRG provides advisory and consulting services for clients requiring organizational and real estate development expertise or project management. From engagements of the initial exploratory phases to determine the financial viability of a project to participating as an industry expert on development teams, WCRG lends its expertise to both investors and business owners. Some of the services WCRG performs:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Financial analysis and forecasting
  • Project pro-formas
  • Demographic reporting
  • Market analysis
  • Broker opinion of value
  • RFP development and oversight
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Lease Management
  • Strategic Planning

Project and Program Management

WCRG provides clients the ability to have a single point of contact for the control of its projects. By relying on our extensive experience and understanding of corporate best practices and the real estate process, we deliver projects within specified timeframes and within prescribed budget constraints. Some of the services WCRG provides:

  • Project management
  • Scheduling
  • Project forecasting and benchmarking
  • Cost modeling