Our Work

Case Study - Nationwide Insurance Company

Opportunity – A division of a national provider of commercial insurance products experiencing rapid growth was tasked with opening a satellite location within the Mid- Atlantic region within an extremely tight timeframe.
Assignment – WCRG was engaged to identify quality office space in the DC region meeting the division’s immediate goals while not sacrificing accessibility, office layout, proximity to clients and future expansion needs.
Solution – WCRG began a comprehensive review of potential sites using demographic data that satisfied its client’s core needs and goals. After narrowing the list to 3 possibilities, WCRG helped select the final site by capitalizing upon the market and leveraging each site’s benefits and challenges against the other. Ultimately WCRG secured a lease at comparably lower rental rates with no out-of-pocket expenses for Nationwide. The favorable terms allowed them to hire employees several months sooner than forecasted.

Case Study - Aspen of DC Inc.

Opportunity – Aspen, a growing local staffing firm with clients nationally and in the Washington DC area, had operated out of a shared office environment and needed to obtain their own designated space to house a growing client and employee base.
Assignment – WCRG developed a decision matrix for Aspen identifying the various characteristics of each prospective building against Aspen’s criteria. After analyzing several buildings, WCRG identified two that provided the ideal solution for Aspen’s needs in both function and location.
Solution –WCRG negotiated favorable terms for Aspen for each building including tenant improvement packages and economical rental rates. Ultimately, Aspen was able to secure its preferred first choice after receiving significant incentives including rental abatement and early accessibility.

Case Study - Allran Hemmer Electric

Opportunity – A local electrical company sought warehouse space for the storage, manufacture, and distribution of its product. The location had to meet Allran’s criteria, while maintaining accessibility for their employees and proximity to the District of Columbia.
Assignment – WCRG was engaged to identify a purchase or lease option allowing Allran the ability to satisfy its existing warehouse needs, while providing enough flexibility to incorporate additional back office functions within the space.
Solution – WCRG secured a warehouse condominium regime with an owner willing to provide short-term rental abatement, allowing Allran the ability to configure and design the space to their specific needs. The location was ideal as it was off of a major commuter extension to the city and provided 16% reduction in overall expenses via reduced ‘drive time’ loss and lower fuel charges.